Implementation, Onboarding, and Simply Getting to Know You

When meeting with prospective clients, there is a question that seemingly everyone wants to know the answer to. 

What is your implementation process like?

I can only assume this question comes up so often as everyone has experienced a rough kick-off with a new service provider. 

I can distinctly remember bringing on a new software platform and being told we would receive extensive training, which turned out to be a half-hour webinar.  When we requested additional training, we received an invoice for $1000.  I still remember that frustrating experience after almost a decade and we actually moved away from that provider the first chance we got.

The implementation process can directly impact the partnership and working relationship between two companies for years, either positively or negatively. 

Our goal at COBRA Allies is always to make a positive impression.

For us, implementation is more than just an exchange of data in order to set-up services as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible, although this is always one of the main goals. 

Our implementation process was designed with a few additional goals in mind:

  • Building our relationship.  This is a partnership, and we want to earn your trust.  We want to be flexible for your needs. 
  • Keeping the client informed and educated.  The process timeline shouldn’t be a surprise and the milestones should be clearly defined and understood.  COBRA administration or Premium Billing are very structured processes and helping the client to understand their responsibilities and flow of information is key.
  • Efficiency and ease of use.  The process is structured and tracked with simple checklists that keep everyone involved on the same page.  The process is as paperless as you would like.  And the process is fast, as the system setup can be completed within one week. 

These goals extend beyond the implementation and onboarding journey and become a part of our relationship management with your dedicated Account Manager.  Throughout our partnership we will welcome feedback and do everything in our power to remain your administrator of choice. 

Please contact your Sales Ally today at or 1-888-209-5074 if you would like to receive a proposal for services.  Or visit our website at and select Request Proposal under Contact Us.  We look forward to hearing from you!